Design Time Episode 01 | Decorating With Banners

I am so excited to present to you a new series (I know, a lot of new series this year, right?!) that I have been wanting to create for a really long time. My design background goes way back - when I was in 8th grade I was creating floorplans and reading Architectural Digest. For undergraduate I received my degree in Interior Design, and then for 8 years I worked in the Design industry prior to having kids. So design and color and pattern and texture have been part of my existence for almost my whole life. One of the reasons I took up scrapbooking was to have a creative outlet when I stayed at home with my kids, and now papercrafting is moving into the interior design world through party products, banners, gift wrap, and event planning.

It is seriously like the best of both worlds for this design-loving chick. So I decided that after making the banner I showed yesterday, I would show you a quick, fun video of me putting it up so you could see how it turned out. Have a peek.

I know there wasn't really much to see because the banner kind of went up really easily and quickly, but this is my first foray into being in front of the camera so no pressure. Let me show you a few detail photos so you can see how awesome this word banner turned out!

Design Time 01 Banners

I picked up this metal gate at a local vintage shop in High Point, called Vintage Thrift. I absolutely love having it up on the mantel because it is something less predictable than a mirror (yawn) and it affords opportunity like this, to dress up.

Design Time 01 Banners

I just adore all the layers this banner creates - the gold letters, the chipboard pieces and the colors, the fringe and just everything about it makes you go Oooh!

Design Time 01 Banners

This bouquet was my wedding bouquet, and it remains on my mantle every day. This was a custom paper bouquet purchased from an Etsy shop called MarryMeRosie, but sadly she is no longer in business. This piece remains one of my most cherished items from our wedding! The little sailor dude is from my Dad's collection. He was a Navy veteran and loved the sea and everything that went with it. So the sailor remains on my mantle as a reminder of him.

Design Time 01 Banners

These two vases or candleholders are just from my personal collection purchased years ago. I love decorating with random items that I already have, and you will soon learn that I refresh my collection regularly by rearranging throughout the house at various times. I believe in using what we already have, sometimes adding a few treasures here and there when something catches our breath. Yes, the clear vase is filled with turqouise wired ribbon, and the amber vase is filled with a scented filler. Nothing complicated here, nothing busy or difficult.

Design Time 01 Banners

And just one final peek. Will you leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this new series? Are there problem areas in your home that you would like to see addressed? Would you like to see more ideas about how to incorporate papercrafting into your own home decor? Thanks so much for joining me today, this was really a ton of fun!

See you soon!


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Maggie Holmes Shine Collection (gold alphabet letters)
Chipboard Banners (I made my own banner, but here are a variety of pre-cut options and shapes!)
Acrylic Paints
Gold and White Twine
Tissue Paper