Creative Team Hannah Lemieux | Traveler's Notebook Layout ft. May Release!!!

Hello lovelies, today Creative Team member Hannah Lemieux is on the blog to share  with us! Be sure to check out her About Me page, where you can learn more about her and connect with her on social media!

Creative Team Hannah Lemieux | Traveler's Notebook Layout ft. May Release!!!

Aloha!! Have you gotten your May digital Ordinary Moments Collection yet?! This Collection is so fun and perfect for the spring. Here is a look at the paper Collection.



This month I wanted to use a bit of this collection with the Crate Paper Here and There Collection. I have been looking through old photos from when we lived in Hawaii. I thought mixing the two with some pictures I took on a date night with my hubby in Honolulu would be fun. This photo I used isn't the Ordinary date night photo either. If you have ever been in downtown Honolulu, even though it's gorgeous in so many ways, there are a ton (and this wasn't even the summer when it is tourist season) of people. I also had just finished a photography class so I was seeing things all from a different lens and wanting to capture things from a different perspective. I loved the way the stones on the sidewalk looked, and wanted to remember how natural Hawaii could be. Sometimes it's these little Ordinary Moments that we need to focus on and document. 

This Collection is perfect for that. I loved the 3x4 journaling card that said Collect Moments Not Things. This moment was exactly what I was doing!! 


Creative Team Hannah Lemieux | Traveler's Notebook Layout ft. May Release!!!

I made sure I used little embellishments to help bring out the colors in the collection. The geo tag, black and white camera and the gold mini staples. I really love using the elements sheet from the collection. labels, tags, washi strips they are all so handy in adding to the pieces I haven't added from my stash and the Ordinary Moments collection. Having pieces that you can use to tie them together is so important. It helps the flow of your design. In a Traveler's Notebook this is even more important because you are limited on your space. 


Creative Team Hannah Lemieux | Traveler's Notebook Layout ft. May Release!!!

I have been loving this torn look on the edges of my patterned paper. I did this effect on both the Crate Paper and the Ordinary Moments patterned paper. Then just adding one puffy sticker over it all to bring it all together. 


Creative Team Hannah Lemieux | Traveler's Notebook Layout ft. May Release!!!

For the top above the photo, I added a piece of ephemera with some washi tape that has tickets on it. Then I added a flare button. I know a lot of people don't want to bulk up their Traveler's Notebooks, and I get it. After just a few spreads a TN can be so full if you add dimension on every page. It can be hard. This is one of those times, where I am gonna say use your own judgment and do what feels right. If it your project do what you like. There are so many ways you can create a TN spread without dimension. You can create flairs with epoxy stickers, you can just use flat round embellishments instead. 

For me, I need dimension, texture and something fun on my spread, even in a TN. I figure I probably won't feel up a TN, so it's ok if I need to start a new one. 

I used some copper chrome like stickers and love how it brings out the dark tones from the stones on the ground. This is supposed to bring out what is in the picture. Make everything flow together and feel like it was suppose to be together in the first place. 

You can only see it in the first picture, but I add a lot of journaling. It's another reason i love using Traveler's Notebooks, they offer this authentic space for adding hand written stories that can fill up the page. So that is what I do!! 

I hope you enjoyed this spread. Until next I hope you all Stay Inspired!! 


Other products used in this layout include:

Larkindesign Creative Team Jenn Hutt | April Layout For 100 Days Project!

Hi everyone, today Jenn Hutt is on the blog sharing her gorgeous layout using the Larkindesign Sweet Chicks Digital Collection! Be sure to check out her About Me Page, where you can connect with her on all your favorite social media.

Hey everyone! I hope this post finds you well. I am not sure where the month went, but it flew by quickly for me! Thankfully my office is mostly put together and I can start crafting in there... but I definitely miss how big my old office was. Trying to figure out where everything goes in a room that is a third the size of my old one is a nightmare. First world crafting problems.

This month I kept things super simple and I used the pages from the Sweet Chicks Kit to work on my 100 Days of All About Me project. I decided to participate in the 100 Days Project and I am following along with Kristin of RUKristin in her 100 Days All About Me, because she gives you all the prompts and you just fill them in. Each day I document the answer to a prompt that is sent to my email on the Notes app on my phone and I actually craft the pages together when I have the time and motivation.

Larkindesign Creative Team Jenn Hutt | April Layout For 100 Days Project!

Theresa's collections are great for this kind of project. They coordinate well together (obviously) and there is a lot of white space that is good for journaling. I just made adjustments to the cards to fit the size I need and then bam. Project done, easy peasy.

I got the idea of a mini album that is the size of a Travelers Notebook but on rings from Jessica Upton and absolutely love the idea! I love TN's but after a while they get a little hard to work with the fuller they become, and they have a limited number of pages. I saw Jessica's idea on Instagram and fell in love. So I created my own album.

I started off with two cards from the kit that I really liked and resized them to 4.5"x8.5", which is slightly bigger than a TN. I picked cards that had a little bit of color, either at the top or bottom, and lots of white space for me to write on. I printed them out on my printer at home in a landscape format and cut them out with my paper trimmer. Then I decided which prompts I would put them with.


Larkindesign Creative Team Jenn Hutt | April Layout For 100 Days Project!

I decided to start with the first prompt, which was "What is your name". I stamped out the title with some new alpha stamps from Ali Edwards' Type story kit at the top. I took a banner and put it sideways, stamping the numbers from another Ali Edwards stamp set called The Time (this one is from this year's OLW selection) and attaching that. I used some black alpha thickers from my stash to spell out my name. At the bottom I used some of the labels from the cut apart sheet at the bottom to add more color and called this one good.

The thing I love about this project is that I can combine my love of scrapbooking with my love of detailed journaling. My layouts are simple and focus more on the journaling, which is what I want. Sometimes I will include photos and sometimes I won't. I can't wait to see how this album turns out. I plan on using parts of the kits throughout the rest of the 100 days.

Larkindesign Creative Team Jenn Hutt | April Layout For 100 Days Project!

The next page I completed is probably prompt number 3 (I haven't figured out where to put the number yet). This prompt was all about my hobbies... and there is a long list of those hobbies. Haha. I am the kind of person that can't focus on one type of project for too long or else I get burnt out and lose motivation. So I have a lot of ongoing projects and a running list of things I want to do a mile wide.

I took another journaling card from this kit and resized it to the same dimensions as the first page. I used the same alpha stamp set for the title and just wrote out my list of hobbies. This one was super simple and easy to complete. I like how bright and colorful my pages are thanks to Theresa's kit and she makes them see say to use and resize! 

Did you know that there are photo templates that you might be interested in! Make sure you go check out her shop and see what creative goodies she created.

May is just around the corner and that means a new kit is coming to you soon! Don't let May pass you buy without checking out the loveliness that Theresa creates!

Products included in this layout:


Celebrating A Major Milestone - 400 YouTube Videos - AND Announcing the Give-Away!!!!!

Hello lovelies, Happy Tuesday to you! Did you have an awesome scrappy weekend? It was International Scrapbooking Day and I had the honor of hosting TWO lovely challenges so I wanted to share those challenges here with you! 

My first challenge is up on the Clique Kits Facebook group and is a pocket page challenge. I created this lovely layout as inspiration.

Larkindesign Clique Kits iNSD 2018 Pocket Page Challenge

I also created a process video and I invite you to view the video and then participate in the challenge!

My second challenge is over on the Scrap Gals Facebook group, and also is all about pocket pages! This is the layout I created for that challenge.

Larkindesign iNSD 2018 Scrap Gals Pocket Page Challenge

I also created a process video for inspiration! I hope you will view the video and then join the challenge!

And that video, you guys, marks my 400th YouTube video!!!!! I have been sharing my process videos here and on YouTube for more than three years now, and the 400 videos are such an important part of my love and commitment to you and to our community. They have helped me grow as an artist and scrapbooker, and formed the beginning of the Larkindesign brand and the jumping off point for everything you see here. THANK YOU for following along on my journey!!!! It has always only been my hope to inspire others, with my stories, with my art, and with this brand. Thank you for being a distinguished part of that.

I also have a little give-away that I announced a few days ago, and the time has come to announce the lovely winner! On the first of the month I released my May digital collection called Ordinary Moments and asked you to tell me ways someone shows you love right now. You answered with so many beautiful, loving answers, both here and on YouTube. I invite you to read all the lovely comments on my channel, and today I wish to share the winner!

Larkindesign Ordinary Moments Giveaway

I counted 15 lovely comments, so I jotted them down and threw them in a bowl.

Larkindesign Ordinary Moments Giveaway Winner

Whatjenrenpeterson you are the lovely winner! Congratulations! I will be contacting you through YouTube and will send you the discount code. Thank you to everyone who posted, I loved creating such a positive spot in the world of the internet with your lovely comments, and I am so thankful for people like you and me who do kind things every day! It makes the world such a happy place!

See you soon,